Walking Our Sculpture Trail

Choose a "You can't beat Wellington on a good day" sort of day and walk Wellington's stunning sculpture trail. From Oriental Bay, take a No 14 or a No 24 bus to the Railway Station and start the walk at Bunny Street where discs of Italian marble form the sculptural feature 'Seismic'. Up Lambton Quay at Stout Street are the pillars by sculptors Ralph Hotere and Mary McFarlane. Further up the quay, the shells by Jeff Thomson, mark Wellington's previous shoreline. Still further up, at Grey Street, are the stainless steel structures by Anton Parsons, their shining silver surfaces covered with braille-like knobs.

Next, head under the sails of Queen's Wharf — a sort of aerial sculpture themselves — to Len Lye's Water Whirler where, if you're lucky, you can watch jets of water quiver in the air.

Further along stands the statue of Kupe, Polynesian discoverer of Aotearoa, with his wife and tohunga. Past Te Papa meet Solace in the Wind (see Page 12) and then after Chaffers Marina, the sculpture: Tale of the Whale on Oriental Parade. Carved by Colin Webster-Watson, it recalls 19th Century days when whales were landed at Oriental Bay. Enough for one day. Refresh yourself at one of our Oriental Bay cafés. In a future issue, we'll explore the rest of the sculpture walk along by Wellington Airport.

JCD, Bay View newsletter 64, November 2014